Best Pex Shower Valve

A pex shower valve is important if you want to enjoy a refreshing and consistent shower. It serves many roles in the shower, including the ability to control the water’s flow and temperature. Therefore, finding the best pex shower valve for your shower is important.

Best Pex Shower Valve: 7 Best Reviews

Since there are many types of valves on the market, we have expended resources to help you to know the best options available right now.

Moen FP62325PF M-Pact Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Valve

Number one on our list of the best pex shower valves is this unit from Moen.

Using the popular and highly rated Moen M-Pact common valve system, this valve allows you to change faucet style without changing your plumbing. Thus, you save money in case of replacements. Changing the appearance of your bathroom has never been faster with this model. Once in place, you can change your bathroom décor as often as you want in a jiffy.

As a Moen valve, the FP62325PF model is designed to be durable. The product comes in a standard valve which makes installation very easy. Additionally, Posi-Temp technology allows you to control the temperature of running water easily.

Moen offers a lifetime warranty on this model, so you don’t have to buy another if there are defects in the finish immediately.

Delta Faucet R10000-PXWS PEX Shower Valve

Next is the Delta Faucet R10000-PXWS. This is a multichoice universal valve that is designed to work with different types of showers easily. The flexibility of the design means that you have a product compatible with several trim kits, including single-function, dual-function, and dual-function thermostatic kits.

The connection is excellent with this model. Due to the pex crimp connections, hot and cold inlets are easily affixed to the valve. Besides, this option has back-to-back installation features that make for a versatile option compatible with multi-unit buildings.

With a lifetime warranty, you can buy this unit safe in the assurance that you can replace it in case of damage.

Moen 2580 Posi-Temp Shower Valve

This product from Moen is a pressure balancing shower valve that offers plenty of flexibility. Made by Moen, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more durable option from a reputable brand.

Due to the M-Pact technology, you’ll find installation a breeze. Once set up, the design allows you to change your bathroom decorations without changing the pex valve. Additionally, the four ports of the valve let you choose the maximum temperature of the water.

Since it is made of brass, this unit will last for a long time without any hiccups.

Weighing just 1.4 pounds, this lightweight option is easy to set up. The ½” pex connections let you change the water flow rate easily.

Delta Faucet R10000-UNBXHF Shower Valve

Up next on this roundup is a universal pex shower valve from Delta. The R10000-UNBXHF shower valve has several useful functions that set it apart from several other options.

For one, this unit is completely adjustable. This is a hallmark of the best pex shower valve as the feature allows a complete overhaul of your bathroom’s shower kit without changing your plumbing. As a universal option, this model is compatible with different types of connections.

As a high-flow valve, the R10000-UNBXHF has HF rough tub blocking feature. Thus, you do not require an additional plug during installation.

This model is a versatile option compatible with three different styles of cartridges. You can use the product with a single, dual, and dual thermostatic cartridge.

The product also has a solid mounting bracket that ensures durable installation.

With this model, you can say goodbye to annoying temperature fluctuations.

Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX Shower Valve

If you are looking for an affordable pex shower valve, consider the R10000-UNBX from Delta. Despite the relatively low price, though, this unit offers plenty of useful functions.

Made in the USA, you can rest assured of durable, high quality, and reliable performance. For one, the mounting bracket is sturdy and prevents shaking during use. Installation is also quite easy.

As a universal shower valve, the R10000-UNBX supports Universal, IPS, and pex connections. There is also a pressure and heat-resistant test cap that allows you to carry all necessary tests after installation.

Therefore, there is no need to dismantle the unit if you want to adjust the water flow or temperature. From shower leaks to pressure issues, the R10000-UNBX relieves your worries.

American Standard RU107E Flash Shower Rough-In Valve

The penultimate model on this roundup has one of the easiest installation processes of all the models we have reviewed.

The RU107E from the American Standard brand is constructed from cross brass – an excellent material for long water use. Because of the flat-back valve, you can set this product up anywhere in the system.

Besides, the stainless steel retainable ring lets you test the product without cartridges. While this isn’t completely adjustable, you’ll likely find the 180-degree rotation sufficient for your needs.

Delta Faucet R10000-UNWSHF Universal Shower Valve

Last but not least is the R10000-UNWSHF from Delta. Delta has made some of the best pex shower valves on the market, and this model is one of the best options.

This unit is compatible with most of the plumbing methods used in shower installation. And you can use it even in showers that don’t have any tub spots.

Installation is straightforward since all hardware, including screwdriver stops, is found in the packaging.

With 0.5″ universal ports, you can connect iron or copper pipes of similar sizes without plenty of hassle.

The overall construction of the unit is satisfactory and should last you for a long time. Besides, Delta gives a lifetime warranty on the R10000-UNWSHF.


This review’s goal was to present the best pex shower valves that you can find on the market right now. They offer easy set-up and replacement. So, consider each option carefully and choose the right option for you. With the products reviewed above, you will get the shower experience you crave.

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