Average Weight Limit of A Wall-Mounted Toilet

You are asking google what the weight of a wall-mounted Toilet is because you want to figure out how much weight a wall-mounted toilet can support before you purchase one. Whatever the case may be, as long as you’re curious about the average weight limit of a wall-mounted toilet, then you’re in the right place.

So, what is the average weight limit of a wall-mounted toilet? In short, the average weight limit of a wall-mounted toilet is about 500 pounds (226.8kg). The US ASME National Consensus Standards has a set standard of 500 pounds as the minimum weight limit requirement for wall-hung toilets. Therefore toilets sold in the US must adhere to the weight limit requirement. 


Different models of wall hung toilets have different weight limits. Here are three examples of the best wall mounted toilet models and the average weight load they can support:

  • Toto Aquia wall hung dual flush toilet – 880 pounds. We can use the Toto Aquia with the Toto in-wall tank system (source: reply to our inquiry from Toto USA ambassador on Home Depot). This is the best wall hung toilets system.
  • Kohler Veil wall-hung Toilet – 500+ pound (source: Kohler websites)
  • American Standard Glenwall wall toilet – 500+ pound (source: Home Depot questions and answers replies)

Based on a statistic, an average American woman weighs 166 pounds while an average American man weighs 196 pounds. So, a wall-mounted toilet with a minimum weight capacity of 500 pounds is more than enough to withstand our weight for household use. 

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