A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Crochet Bath Mat

Are you a handy person? Do you find “Do It Yourself” projects fascinating? Well, creating a crochet bath mat is an excellent pass time activity. It is easy too. You must only learn how to get the job done single-handedly. But before that, it is twice as important that you understand what a bath mat is and why you need one. 

Crochet Bath Mat

Lifting the Veil

Most people confuse the bath mat for the bath rug. They do not comprehend that a bath mat is primarily a crocheted piece of fabric placed right outside a tub. But the mat only serves one purpose. It helps absorb water spills after a shower. 

A bath rug, on the contrary, serves a myriad of functions. These include:

  • Enhancing bathroom aesthetics
  • Absorbing water spills on floors
  • Warming of feet by the sink side

Bath Mat types

Bath mats come in different shades, shapes, and sizes. Top weavers also use different materials for production with the most common being cotton yarn. So, why cotton as opposed to other materials? 

One, cotton is excellent in absorbing water without stretching. Second, the cotton mat dries up fast. Above all, cleaning the pad is more of a walk in the park. 

Crocheting the cotton yarn, therefore, yields some of the best bath mats money can buy, items such as the

  • Simple crochet bath pad pattern 
  • Beach-inspired crochet bath pad
  • Bath pad with a sense of humor
  • Easy jumbo circular bath mat

Pros of Using a Bath Mat

Have you ever encountered a bathroom accident? Let’s be honest, shower closets are downright dangerous when wet. Remember, water and soap spills render the floor slippery. The bath mat, however, enhances safety. 

Besides, the pad keeps dropped items in place. For instance, it prevents a fallen bottle of shampoo from rolling too far from you. To spice things up, the bath pad adds more grip to your feet when you get out of a tub. In brief, the mat reduces the chances for a fall to nil. 

How To “DIY” A Bath Mat

How To “DIY” A Bath Mat

Having the right tools is vital to your success. Items you need include a:

  • Crochet hook 
  • scissors
  • Cotton thread

You must then wrap the thread around the index and middle fingers once to form a slip knot. Second, you need to pass the loose end of the string under the groove you made and pick it up using the crochet’s hook. But that is not all. 

Crocheting requires a lot of patience. You, without losing grip, must make forty-six other turnarounds through eye you first created. A higher number of loops yield a bigger bath pad.

Next, you need to develop chains in all subsequent loops. But how do you achieve the above? You must yarn over the second groove (the first loop does not count so go for the third) and pull through to make a single crochet. Do so in all subsequent grooves until you complete the second chain. 

The second chain requires a new bag of tricks. You must, in this stage, insert the hook under the third V-stitch, yarn over, and pull through. Next, you need to insert the hook again into the same loop, yarn over and pull through. Do that for three consecutive times to make six loops.

Once done you can then yarn over and pull through all of them, and skip to the next v-groove on the chain. Follow the same procedure until you reach the end of the second chain. You must, towards the end of the chain, insert a half double crochet stitch by yarning over and pulling through until you have three complete loops. 

Yarning and pulling are continuous. You must, thus, do a puff stitch in between the puffs for you to create a third chain. But it all begins after the first puff. Just like in chain two, yarn over and pull through until you complete your first set of six loops. Skip the two puffs, yarn over and pull through for all subsequent loops.

As you see, crocheting is a continuous pattern. You must, therefore, carry on using the techniques highlighted above for you to create the perfect mat. Mind you, this technique works for a single piece of thread.


Crocheting is a fun activity provided you know what to do. It is also inexpensive meaning you can craft a unique bath mat from the comfort of your home. But there is a catch. 

You need the right tools to complete the project. You must also adhere to the guidelines outlined earlier for you to craft the best bath pad. Above all, you must master a lot of patience. Recall, you do not build a city in one day. 

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