Guidelines and ideas for starting out and maintaining Chase the Chill branding

Can we distribute purchased scarves?

  • As one part of our mission is to celebrate the art and beauty of knitting and crocheting, we request that chapters share only handmade scarves.

Do you have ideas on how to connect with crafters in my community?

  • Local yarn stores are often a hub of activity related to crafters in a community. We recommend connecting with yours to request a notice about your Chase the Chill chapter be included in their newsletter or posted in the store if there’s space available.

Can we partner with another organization?

  • Chase the Chill is an independent group, open to all, and as such we do not encourage partnerships with other organizations.

How many events does a chapter host?

  • This is up to you! However, we recommend starting small to remain sustainable. An annual event, for example, is more readily sustainable than many small events and can help prevent volunteer and supporter fatigue. Aside from the scarf distribution event, some chapters are hosting events on Knit in Public Day or have crafting afternoon or evening gatherings.

Can we make a change to the logo or tag?

  • The logo’s copyright is held by Robert Gerheart and as such, the logo is not to be altered in any way. Chase the Chill’s founder, Susan Huxley, created the text for the tag after careful consideration and we ask that it too not be altered.

Can we post the logo and/or tags on our website or social media site for others to download?

  • We request that you do not post the tags for public distribution. Instead, please direct those interested in receiving the tags to the Chase the Chill in Winnipeg chapter and we would be happy to connect with them.