Best 15 Gifts for Police Academy Graduation

If you have a friend, spouse, or relative graduating from a police academy, it is always great to get them something they will remember. It is worth noting that sometimes it can be hard to get the perfect police academy graduation gift. Worry no more as we get to look at some of the best options you can get as gifts for the police today. 

Below, we have come up with 15 best ideas that would be fabulous for the new police officer fresh out of college. Let us get to the lift already. 

gifts for police academy grads

#1. Personalized flag 

Police love the flag like no other person. It would be great to get one as a gift. To make it even better, it should have a few personalized touches. It can have his or her name at the bottom of the flag with the graduation year listed. You can find such personalized flags in various gift shops. Ask them if they can add the name of the officer to give it that personalized touch. 

#2. The police officer prayer 

This is also a nice idea where you get a handmade keepsake box containing the Police Officer’s prayer embossed in it. The officer will always love the fact that he can keep the box for long and refer to it whenever he wants. Also, some of these boxes are built to have a soft felt that gives it the luxurious feel. 

#3. Police bracelets 

For the ladies graduating from the academy, it always feels good to have a personalized touch when it comes to having a bracelet with police customization. The theme always has to remain about the police force. Take the time to check out several options on how they are designed so that you can end up with the best option as police bracelet. 

#4. Personalized bottle opener and a cap catcher 

The police also love to relax sometimes and get some cold beer. This is where this gift comes in handy. It can be customized with whatever message you want. It can be the police tag line or any other message that your friend would love. 

#5. Personalized police officer ornament 

Having a personalized police officer ornament goes a long way to show that you actually put a lot of thought into the gift. It is possible that you might have to contact the studio that makes these ornaments so that you can pick up what is custom to your friend. Always choose the ornament having the best materials for durability. 

#6. Bullet shot into a glass 

Yes, you might be surprised that such a gift actually exists. Well, there is a company that sells such a gift option. It comes with a real bullet and a glass molded around it. The best part is that the glass is actually usable. The glass is made professional artisan glass makers who understand the kind of service our police officers provide to the nation. 

#7. Personalized police mugs 

Having a great personalized mug goes a long way to show that you actually love the work done by police officers. The mug will be professionally printed with the words that you want customized on it. Also, go for the high quality ceramic mugs so that your friend can enjoy a nice beverage from it. The mug should also be dishwasher safe and microwavable. Shop for options when it comes to personalizing mugs. No need to stick to boring mugs. 

#8. T-shirts with the flag 

The thin blue line flag means a lot to the police officers. It is even better when you have a T-shirt having the flag printed on it. Getting such a T-shirt should be easy considering the number of companies available that actually print content on T-shirts. It does not have to be a flag only, but also additional information about the officer. Get a T-shirt with great fabric to ensure perfect fit even with regular washing. 

#9. Police officer rings 

Having police officer gold finish rings can be a nice addition to their existing jewelry. It is always great to have something additional to the regular police wear. Having the ring will constantly remind your friend of the professional values such as “Serve and protect” among others. You can always have it customized further just as you want. 

#10. All-weather shooting gloves 

Getting your friend police accessories such as shooting gloves goes a long way to make their life even better. These gloves normally come with a better design to ensure that the officer has an accurate feel of the gun and can shoot better. Depending on the type of glove, some would have sewn-in grip patches for the additional support. Some might even have clever features such as hooks and loop closure for better performance. 

#11. A custom watch 

This can be an ideal gift for any officer who loves a custom watch. The idea is to have the watch customized to have their name, some inspirational message or anything else that would make them love the watch. There are multiple companies today that can handle such type of orders. Just make sure you shop around to end up with the best custom watch that would work great also for the long run. 

#12. Nice beverage holder in shape of a vest 

It is just great that several custom shops for gifts can always go out of their way to come up with great gift ideas. Yes, some of these companies can come up with a beverage holder in the shape of a bulletproof vest commonly worn by police officers. It will always be a great gift for a police offer who loves such accessories. You can even have it customized further depending on the options provided. 

#13. Customized water bottle 

Police officers also need to stay hydrated so that they can always have a great time working during their shifts. Having a water bottle comes in handy all the time. It is the reason you would want to make the water bottle also better by having it customized with police designs. Get a bottle that is strong in terms of construction so that he can use it for longer. 

#14. Police officer wallet 

This is another great option to consider for a police officer who has just graduated. The wallet comes in handy to carry most of the documentations such as ID and credit cards they might need while working. Having it customized with police accents goes a long way to make it one of their favorite police gift. 

#15. Customized police hat 

When the police officer is off duty, it can always be nice to wear a nice customized police trucker hat. Such a hat would be designed and embroidered to have the US flag and other important police information. Always go for the high quality materials. This makes it possible for the hat to be worn for years and feel the sense of being a police officer. 


As you can see, the police officer gifts do not have to be weird at all. They are just like us, but having the gifts tailored to resonate with police officers makes it even better. You can always be sure they will like most if not all the gift ideas we have mentioned above. 

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