Using a Pressure with no Outside Tap: Important Tips

Cleaning is generally easier when you consider using pressure washers. This is because they make the process faster and are good for lifting off the dirt from surfaces with ease. It is the reason you can get them being handy to clean the outdoor surfaces as they tend to have the most dirt. This includes the decks, driveways, grills, and other outdoor furniture you might think of. 

That being said, not everyone would have an outdoor tap to connect to their pressure washer. So, what happens when such a scenario arises? Well, you simply have to get creative to make the pressure washer work with what you have. Let us look at some of the tips to get you going even if the outdoor tap is missing. 

A bucket 

When we say that you use a bucket, you do not just fill a bucket with water and then expect to stick in the pressure washer hose and end up with enough pressure. To adapt the bucket to pressure washer needs, you will have to use an optional accessory that attaches to the pressure washer hose. This suction hose accessory helps in building up the pressure as the water is sucked into the washer. 

It might not be the ideal solution since you have to keep refilling the bucket. It can be tiresome if you are using a pressure washer with a high flow rate and you have to clean a large area. It is only good for small jobs. 

Water barrel 

Many people have water barrels in their homes to collect rainwater from downspouts. If your area tends to have rainfall, then you should end up with a water barrel full with water most of the time. With such a water barrel, you simply connect your pressure washer hose to its tap. The gravity pressure will provide enough pressure to make the pressure washer work effectively. 

Since water barrels also have large capacities, you will not have to worry much about refilling the water barrel. This is better as compared to using a bucket. 

Indoor tap 

When you find that the other two above options are not viable, then you can opt for using an indoor tap instead. This now comes down to the length of the pressure washer hose. It will determine where you can connect the hose and how far you can clean. 

You might have to buy an adapter for connecting the hose to the garden hose and then to the kitchen or bathroom tap. If you keep the water running from the tap, it will be able to create enough water supply required for any pressure washing activity outdoors. 

A washing machine tap 

The washing machine taps in most homes have the same threading and size as the outdoor taps. As a result, you will end up with a viable tap to connect the pressure washer hose. If you plan to use this type of method for the long term, then consider using a two-way tap connector. This will split the tap into two so that your washing machine can get water supply. 

This method will also require running a hose through the house. You might have to use a longer hose if you want the pressure washer to reach various places with ease. 

Get a portable pressure washer 

If the other options are not working for you, then you would have to consider a portable pressure washer. This type of pressure washer is designed to be portable meaning it will have water tanks onboard. You will no longer have to remain connected to a water source to keep using it. Most would have an easy-to-fill water tank for filling and drawing the water. To make it easy to set it up to where you want to clean, these pressure washers would have wheels for mobility. Considering the pressure washers would be heavy because of the additional water tanks, wheels come in handy. 


If you see that using the pressure washer for outdoor use is likely to be more frequent, then it is better to just install an outdoor tap. This will help you a lot to avoid many inconveniences as seen with the other methods mentioned above. Go for a method you feel will be great for your use. 

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