Average Weight Limit of A Wall-Mounted Toilet

You are asking google what the weight of a wall-mounted Toilet is because you want to figure out how much weight a wall-mounted toilet can support before you purchase one. Whatever the case may be, as long as you’re curious about the average weight limit of a wall-mounted toilet, then you’re in the right place.

So, what is the average weight limit of a wall-mounted toilet? In short, the average weight limit of a wall-mounted toilet is about 500 pounds (226.8kg). The US ASME National Consensus Standards has a set standard of 500 pounds as the minimum weight limit requirement for wall-hung toilets. Therefore toilets sold in the US must adhere to the weight limit requirement. 


Different models of wall hung toilets have different weight limits. Here are three examples of the best wall mounted toilet models and the average weight load they can support:

  • Toto Aquia wall hung dual flush toilet – 880 pounds. We can use the Toto Aquia with the Toto in-wall tank system (source: reply to our inquiry from Toto USA ambassador on Home Depot). Toto is one of the most popular brands of toilets, some even say that they produce the best toilets in the industry.
  • Kohler Veil wall-hung Toilet – 500+ pound (source: Kohler websites)
  • American Standard Glenwall wall toilet – 500+ pound (source: Home Depot questions and answers replies)

Based on a statistic, an average American woman weighs 166 pounds while an average American man weighs 196 pounds. So, a wall-mounted toilet with a minimum weight capacity of 500 pounds is more than enough to withstand our weight for household use. 

The US regulation for the average weight limit of wall-hung Toilet 

It is a requirement that all wall hung toilets sold in the US must support the minimum weight-bearing capacity of up to 500 pounds. The National Consensus Standards set this requirement for Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures, ASME A112.19.2-2005/CSA B4 5.1-05. However, according to the results from above, the average minimum weight limit of different wall-mounted toilet bowls is even higher than the supposed 500 pounds requirement. Although the strength of the Toilet depends on the model and the brand. 

Moreso, when we consider the floor-mounted toilets, no standards are specifying the average minimum weight limit that it can withstand. Nonetheless, most floor-mounted Toilets have an average standard toilet weight limit of about 1000 pounds (453kg). On average, wall-mounted toilets can only endure about half of the weight capacity of regular Toilets. 

How to increase the average weight limit of a wall hung Toilet 

Since the average minimum and maximum weight limit of a wall hung toilet is a significant concern, the possibility of being able to increase this weight limit would be a breakthrough. So, here are some quick tweaks that can help improve the average weight limit of your wall-mounted Toilet to increase its durability and usability. 

There are about four factors that depend on how much weight a wall-mounted toilet can support. They include:

  • The average weight limit of the wall hung toilet bowl 
  • The concealed toilet carrier and average weight limit 
  • The wall’s strength 
  • The Toilet should be installed correctly to the wall and carrier frame. 

If anyone of the points mentioned above is loose or weak, then the soundness of the wall-mounted Toilet will be affected. If the installation of the wall-mounted Toilet isn’t correct, it could fall and injure someone while using the Toilet. So, installing a wall toilet should be done with care, because when the porcelain falls, it will break and can be costly to repair. 

What is the average weight limit of a concealed toilet carrier frame?

Some users don’t fancy having a protruding glossy white porcelain bowl from the wall or hanging in the air just for the sake of supporting a heavyweight. But in reality, if you combine it with a purpose-built steel wall mounted frame, it supports the weight of a few hundred kilograms. It wouldn’t also budge even by a millimeter. 

Popular concealed toilet frame carriers like Kohler, Geberit, and Toto can handle an average weight limit of 800 pounds. Concealed toilet carrier frames like Toto, Kohler and Geberit 111.335.00.5 can support a weight load of up to 880 pounds. A typical wall hung Toilet weighs about 50-80 pounds. So, when you reduce the weight of the bowl, the carrier would still be able to support around 750-800 pounds in excess. 

What is the average strength of a wall?

Generally, it is the wall that limits the average weight limit of a wall-mounted toilet and not the frame or the Toilet itself. Even though by specifications, a carrier should withstand up to 880 pounds, it will not if the wall does not match up to the maximum weight limit of the Toilet. When the frame is not secured correctly, it will also lead to problems later. 

What is the correct installation of a wall-mounted toilet?

If you want correctly install your toilet wall mounted the Toilet to be installed correctly, here are some tips to keep an eye out for:

  • Install the wall toilet to a sturdy-wall so it can carry hefty loads 
  • Use all the washers and nuts when setting the Toilet and follow the instructions concerning tightening the acorn nuts
  • Be very selective with your choice of plumber or bathroom installer 
  • Hire an experienced plumber that knows how to install the wall hung toilet model that can stand the test of time 

What are the safety measures for heavyweight toilet users? 

If you install your wall toilet properly, it should be able to hold the weight of almost every user that will ever use the Toilet. The only exception might be that very obese people weigh over 500 pounds. 

People have different hip and knee sizes, so setting the wall-mounted Toilet to the right height is a safety measure you should not overlook. To prevent heavy people from plonking themselves carelessly on the Toilet rather than easing themselves onto the Toilet. There are no restricted standard toilet heights for wall mounted toilets.

Some additional toilet support fixtures 

When purchasing a wall-mounted toilet, especially for heavy people, there are some other support fixtures on sale that helps reduce the stress on the wall-mounted Toilet. For additional support, we recommend the “grab bar” especially for heavy people if the toilets are adjacent to the wall. 

The Big John products for wall toilets, for example, can increase the wall-mounted toilets’ weight capacity. There are also support platforms that you can put underneath the wall-mounted toilets. These products support the additional weight placed on the Toilet by obese or overweight individuals. 

Do you weigh over 350 pounds? Here are some caution to take when using a public wall toilet 

Take caution when using a wall-mounted toilet in someone’s home if you weight over 350 pounds. Although in the US, a wall-mounted toilet should withhold a weight of up to 500 pounds, you can never be sure of how secured the wall toilet fits. In one hospital, patients who weigh less than 350 pounds are allowed to use the wall-mounted Toilet. But patients weighing over 350 pounds were directed to facilities with standard floor toilet.

What are some alternatives for individuals weighing over 500 pounds?

Unfortunately, we haven’t come across any commercial or retail wall-mounted toilets that is built to support a weight of over 500 pounds. The best alternative is to use a one-piece toilet model

There are even cases where the regular floor-mounted toilets are too small for some severely obese people weighing an excess of 400 or 500 pounds. Individuals with such weight should use unique commode seat chairs for bariatric people

Americans need a new heavy-duty wall-mounted toilets

A lot of points we pointed out in this article points to the need for super heavy-duty wall toilets. As the number of obese people in the US and around the world grows, toilet manufacturers need to look into developing new heavy-duty wall-mounted toilets. 

The US ASME is very much likely to reconsider increasing the standard 500-pounds weight load requirement of a wall-mounted toilet. The average weight level set is expected to increase in the 21st century. 

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