What Are The Materials Used In Making Toilets?

Are you one of those people wondering what the materials needed in making toilets are? The materials used in making Toilets are easy to guess, and pretty much everybody knows it. Nevertheless, let us go on a little journey into discussing the materials used in making toilets and why those materials were the chosen material in the first place. 

What materials did they use in making toilets? About 99% of toilets out there are made out of a select type of clay called the porcelain or vitreous China and then water. Only a small percentage of toilets like the prison toilets are the ones made of Steel. Prison toilets are the few ones made with Steel for durability. 

Why are toilets made out of porcelain

So, why is the porcelain clay the material used in making a Toilet? Moreover, toilet seats are such that they consist of all sorts of materials including resins, vinyl plastic and different types of manufactured and natural woods.  

Why are toilets made out of porcelain? 

toilet made out of porcelain

As far back as history can record it, even from the century when they first built the first toilets, the production of the Toilets was mostly out of porcelain clay. Here are some reasons why porcelain clay was the choice in manufacturing toilets:

  • They can be moulded easily into shape, and they are inexpensive
  • They are waterproof
  • They are easy to clean and are very sanitary 
  • They are sturdy 
  • They look nice 
  • They are not sensitive to temperature changes 

These above mentioned six requirements are what makes the porcelain or vitreous china clay excels as a perfect raw material for building toilets. 

The manufacturing process of making a toilet using vitreous clay or porcelain is relatively simple as well. In the toilet manufacturing process, they pour extracted clay into moulds, finished, glazed and then sent through a kiln. The operation is straightforward and a reasonably inexpensive process of making Toilet with porcelain. 

Why are toilets, not made of plastic or Steel? 

You may have wondered or asked at one point or the other why toilets are not of plastic or steel materials. When you come to think of it, plastics are cheap, and it is flooding the market. And when you also consider prisoner’s toilets manufactured out of Steel, that’s just mind-boggling. 

But whether you believe it or not, making toilets with plastic is pretty much expensive. 

Any plastic products you see in the market are made either through injection moulding or extrusion moulding. Therefore, with our current plastic manufacturing processes, building a toilet will be a very difficult and complicated structure to make. Moreover, plastic comes with its pros making it not up to the standard to meet the requirement as a raw material for making a toilet. For instance, it may not buckle under our weight; nonetheless, it’s feeling, and how users perceive it also matters. 

What about steel toilets? 

Steel is a super-strong material, and they are very durable. So, why don’t we make use of Steel to make our toilets? The problem why Steel is not a common material used in making toilets is because of public perception and user experience. Steel is a material that is very sensitive to temperature changes. For instance, on cold weather, a steel toilet will freeze your ass. 

A steel toilet can have a wood or plastic top, but that doesn’t make the Toilet look like a toilet anymore. Making a toilet out of Steel does not give it that luxurious feeling and looks of a beautiful porcelain toilet finishing. 

So, that is the main reason why toilets are still primarily made out of vitreous china clay and porcelain. That is why they were in use by the first manufacturers centuries ago. 

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